General information

General Information

How it works

This website is mainly a webshop where you can choose between art prints and wallpaper products. As soon as you have been able to make a choice, you have the option to add more products to your shopping cart, after which you pay digitally. After the order has been received, it will be processed and shipped within 1 week at the latest. If you want to pick up the product, you will be contacted. For questions about customization, you will be contacted by telephone or email within a week.


elles will regularly be found in the following markets in Amsterdam: – The Museum Market on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. elles drawings are for sale in various shops in: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Schiphol, Delft, Taipei, Seoul and Los Angelos.


This section will be expanded soon, but until then you can contact elles for all your questions.