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    Visit Our Showroom

    Elles is located in the North of Amsterdam. From Central Station you can take the ‘NDSM’ ferry. It takes an enjoyable boatride with beautiful views of the skyline of Amsterdam.

    Opening hours
    every Saturday – 12:00 – 17:00

    ​Showroom & Atelier
    NDSM Loods
    ​Scheepsbouwkade 24 (inside 1th floor)
    1033 WB Amsterdam

    In stores

    The Maker Store
    Hannie Dankbaarpassage 39, 1053 RT Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Atelier Elles
    Scheepsbouwkade 24-1 (inside Art City NDSM)
    The Netherlands

    Entrepôt Holland
    Prinsengracht 64-H, Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Art Unlimited
    ​Keizersgracht 510

    ​Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 2a-hs Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    ​Catch Projecten
    Domstraat 5-19, 3512 JA Utrecht
    The Netherlands

    Retro Studio Taipei

    40000 Market
    1011 Sungji Bldg. 38 Heungan-Daero 427
    Dongan gu, Anyang si, Gyeonggi do, Korea

    Central Library
    630 W 5th Street
    Los Angeles, CA

    Where Can You See Us

    Museum Market
    17th of April, 15th of May, 19th of June 2022

    Sunday Market
    3th of April 2022

    Pure Markt
    dates are coming up